In my opinion we nourish ourselves, body, mind and spirit through food. In order to feel well, have a healthy body and mind we need to find out what nourishes us and makes us strong, resilient, peaceful and loving beings.

Whole, unprocessed foods, vegetables, fruits, greens, beans, nuts, seeds, grains,  legumes, seaweeds, some dairy and occasional fish or poultry is in my experience the foundation of my health and strength.

My guideline is a macrobiotic approach, although I am far from being a macrobiotic.

In an ideal world I would follow a vegan diet. I managed to do so for a while, but for various reasons I fail at it when I work out a lot. My goal is to establish a regular capoeira/workout and managing to do so with a more than less vegan diet.

What do you need to feel fully nourished? How do you feed your body, mind and soul?